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[aprssig] FINDU Weather Intermittency

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sat Feb 9 15:58:14 UTC 2008

I think I can state with some authority that the core will reconstitute 
to add additional servers.  Enough said.

dick at kb7zva.com wrote:
> Absolutely no flames here. Over 5000 CWOP's aren't the bad guys. They are hobbyists 
> and volunteers like us, that perform public service the same way we do. Should they have
> their own network off the APRS-IS? That could be debated for ever... but the simple
> answer is yes.
> Consider only this... The CWOP program is a huge success, and they are very proud of
> what they have accomplished. And, I am extremely proud of the fact that I was able to
> help them get where they are at today. I had the first CWOP server in operation a long
> time ago at the request of their program leadership. 
> It grew about as much as the APRS-IS itself, just a little faster. Nobody really expected it
> to happen... I assured the leadership that as the program grew I would continue support
> by adding special input only servers at Tier 2. At the same time, Tier 2 grew to 37 global
> servers. There was a problem... the Core for the APRS-IS basically remained the same.
> So what happened?
> Growth everywhere, but not at the Core. The business about Tier 2 vs. the Core is true.
> So, I'll say it again... as before.
> The Core should be treated as the HUB for all APRS-IS activity. Only allowing lower-level
> servers NOT end-users. That means cooperation by everyone. A distributed network based 
> on a single point of failure is our problem. 
> Tier 2 represents 1500 end-users. About 2/3's of everything on the APRS-IS. We expect a
> Core hub to be there as promised. 
> The issue of the CWOP's will go away but the real problem will remain or even get worse
> by reducing the Core to 2 servers. So what's to debate? If we keep allowing everyone to
> abuse the Core, nothing is solved. There is a different between 1500 users on Tier 2 which
> is actually 37 data streams to the core vs. those 1500 hitting the core direct.
> The Tier 2 is based on end-users taking what they need... seldom requiring full-feeds. 
> I am sincerely sorry to hear that 2 Core unit will be gone. I'm also sorry at the same
> time to see my 'baby' turn into a fat pig. It's been a lot of fun working with them and
> their infrastructure. Let's move on... 
> Dick Stanich, KB7ZVA
> Tier 2
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