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[aprssig] FINDU Weather Intermittency

Joseph M. Durnal joseph.durnal at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 16:35:32 UTC 2008


You did the right thing.  It doesn't take much disrespect in an open
network to cause problems.  The same thing happens on RF.  If folks
aren't willing to respect your bandwidth or system resources, you are
right to deny it to them.

I don't consider Internet weather reporting APRS and would be happier
in a world where it wasn't on the IS at all, even if it wasn't harmful
to the system.  It was a happy day when I found out how to filter them
out with -p/CW

73 de Joseph Durnal NE3R

On Feb 8, 2008 4:31 PM, Dave Anderson KG4YZY <dave at aprsfl.net> wrote:
>A lot of stuff!!!

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