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[aprssig] FINDU Weather Intermittency

Greg Noneman gregn1 at cox.net
Sat Feb 9 16:46:43 UTC 2008


I'm not saying this for any logical reason, but just gut feel.   
Wouldn't it be better to start off connection to the separate  
cwop.aprs.net servers with a completely new set of ports?  It just  
seems like this may be beneficial somewhere down the line and be less  

On Feb 9, 2008, at 8:03 AM, Gerry Creager wrote:

> As of about 1400z today, cwop1.tamu.edu went live and entered the  
> cwop.aprs.net rotation in place of first.aprs.net and  
> second.aprs.net. Over time, I anticipate adding several more CWOP- 
> only sites.  At the same time, I'm working with NOAA, CWOP (they're  
> officially separate) and the software developers to effect a  
> transition to the CWOP-dedicated servers.
> At the same time, with the loss of THIRD and FOURTH, which I am  
> really sorry to see go, I'm recruiting another Core server or two.   
> For a variety of reasons, I'll be looking toward members of the  
> Academic community to help with this, but to be blunt, for the most  
> part it's to mitigate the bandwidth issues.
> I anticipate a couple of rough weeks while we make some changes, but  
> I think I can say that we're doing the best to minimize trauma in  
> the process to the APRS community as well as the CWOP community.
> Jim, I, too, am excited by CWOP and what it offers for both  
> operational and research atmospheric sciences.  It's too valuable an  
> asset to allow it to have serious problems.
> 73 gerry n5jxs
> Jim Duncan wrote:
>> I am excited about what the CWOP people have been doing. At the  
>> outset I questioned whether they should be on the APRS servers  
>> because of the possibility of accidental porting of CWOP station  
>> data out via APRS stations.
>> At the time I asked Riley Hollingsworth his opinion on the legality  
>> of this and it was his opinion at this would constitute remote  
>> control by an unlicensed operator and the station licensee which  
>> transmitted the information would be liable for a violation.
>> Now, that being said, the growth of CWOP has been phenomenal and it  
>> has provided not only an opportunity for non-hams to participate in  
>> severe weather and routine weather condition reporting but has also  
>> inspired a lot of people to get their ham licenses which is always  
>> a positive thing!
>> I certainly believe that the move to take CWOP's off of the APRS  
>> system and provide an independent system is an excellent idea. It  
>> would certainly be easy enough for those who wish to monitor that  
>> data to do so in APRS and I am certain that there are people out  
>> there that appreciate having this information readily available,  
>> especially the National Weather Service personnel locally here.
>> I wish the CWOP group continued success as they move forward and  
>> salute them for their volunteerism!
>> 73 de Jim Duncan, KU0G
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