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Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Thu Feb 14 18:14:21 CST 2008

Sure, try it yourself.  Familiar packet radio Fun!  RMS is short for Radio
Message Server.

Also works well with PaclinkMP (using your regular emailer) or Outpost
Packet Message Manager too.
73, Cap KE6AFE

Just like with the older Telpac, if you Connect to any RMS Packet station
(usually SSID -10) with any terminal program and then enter h (or help) at
the prompt you'll see the following message:

Winlink 2000 is designed for automatic message transfer using Airmail,
Paclink, or other client programs that support the B2F protocol. It will
also accept limited keyboard commands on telnet and VHF connections.

Supported keyboard commands:

H or HELP gives you this file
LM lists all traffic pending for your call.   Shows message ID (MID), date,
size, from and subject. Does NOT include messages  SENT by you.
K <MID>  Example: K 1234_KN6KB Marks the pending message delivered.
Message may still be read for 3 days using the R <MID> command.
KM Mark all messages read as delivered. Message may still be read using R
<MID>    for 3 days.
B, BYE forces a disconnect of the link.
R <MID>  Example: R 1234_KN6KB   Read the specified MID.   Only MIDs
addressed to your call, bulletins, or originated by you may be read.  No
RM Read all pending unread messages to your call sign.
SP <Destination(s)>  Send a personal text message to the
destination(s)indicated. Destinations may be a radio callsign or
   (NOTE! be sure to include the colon after the SMTP!)
   Multiple destinations should be seperated by ";" or ","
   Example: SP W4ABC;SMTP:Johndoe at aol.com;W1AW;SMTP:president at whitehouse.gov

You will be prompted for a subject of the new message and then prompted for
the message body.
For the message body enter any text.
End with /EX on a separate line.

No attachments are supported with the simple keyboard protocol.
Acceptance of the message will be confirmed.  You will be sent a service
message if the message cannot be delivered.
For further help contact the network manager, K4CJX (or AAA9AC if you are a
MARS user).

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> > .. The roadmap for Winlink (available on
> > their web site) is to move away from TelPac
> > stations in favor of something called an
> > RMSPacket station.  Same general functionality,
> > but the TELPAC name will be going away.
> I pray that the new RMSpacket station will still allow a
> DUMB-TEMINAL loggin so that anyone with any TNC can still use
> the system in a come-as-you-are scenario like the present TELPAC
> stations do. Emergency Email capabilities should allow for dumb
> terminal command-line loggins without special software.
> Can someone confirm this?  That you can still send and receive
> Winlink Email with only a dumb terminal (Hyperterm?).
> Bob

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