[aprssig] RS232 sniffer

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 20:37:45 CST 2008

Radio Shack used to sell a lot of stuff :-(

Can't even find a 12 inch mast bracket there anymore unless I special order
it, forget the 14-16in models!

I have given up even trying, for the past year I have not found one thing
that they once had that I need and
the things I do see I can purchase anywhere else for much less.


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At 16:19 2/15/2008, Andrew Rich wrote:
>I am thinking of putting together an RS232 sniffer for the shack.
>Pretty simple, just some LED's for activity.
>What would be the best way ?

         Radio Shack used to sell them pretty cheap.  Unless you just
want a build-it-yourself project, that might be the better bet.

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