[aprssig] THD7A GPS Question

Sam Guccione gucci1 at mchsi.com
Sat Feb 16 19:45:22 CST 2008

After a long lapse I am trying to get my THD7A setup with a GPS. However,
something doesnt seem to be working. I am using a Garmin ETREX set to NMEA
output. I can see the GPS sentences when I plug it into the serial port on
my laptop. I connected the ETREX to a cable with a subminiature plug then
into the GPS jack on the THD7A. I expected to see the POS have the GPS lat
and long but all I get are all zeros. Manual does not say much of anything
about the GPS port. Anyone have suggestion on what I could try to get it
working. What am I missing? Something stupid?

Sam K3BY

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