[aprssig] Embeded LINUX display

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Feb 22 12:04:53 CST 2008

I don't know to what degree it's possible to generalize about the 
capabilities of devices running embedded Linux.  I suspect it varies 
quite a bit.

Expect to be very resource-constrained.  Perl might not be too bad, but 
I suspect a lot of devices aren't going to have the RAM to run MySQL. 
And that assumes MySQL can be compiled for that particular platform in 
the first place.

Many embedded devices aren't going to have a display of any sort.  If 
you want something with a display and decent development support, try a 


Haven't had a chance to mess with them myself, but I've heard good 
things.  350 MHz ARM processor, 64 MB RAM, 64 MB flash, and a 3.5" LCD 

If you want really simple development, you're probably better off going 
with a small form factor PC.


Andrew Rich wrote:
> Gudday
> I have been doing some testing with ADS-B and graphics displays using GD and 
> This gives me a graphics display on the fly.
> My question is about embeded LINUX devices. 
> They say they run LINUX, but what does this mean ?
> Do they have the ability to run perl, MySQL and GD ?
> If I can get a small PC and a little LCD I can do all sorts of kewl stuff.
> Here is a sample of what I mean 
> http://tech-software.net/cdti.htm
> Andrew Rich 
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