[aprssig] Embeded LINUX display

Michael Miller mike.mikemiller at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 15:09:35 CST 2008

I think it really depends on how much you are willing to spend $$ and
what your definition of embedded is.

>  My question is about embeded LINUX devices.

Are you talking about a product like the Nokia N800 or a OEM Board?

>  They say they run LINUX, but what does this mean ?

In the embedded Linux space usually you have a board with a processor
( ARM, PowerPC, Intel or MIPS ) running 50 to 500 Mhz low power ( runs
off DC 12 VDC to 15 VDC).  Again usually these boards run a stripped
down Linux Kernel with only the modules and hardware / device driver
support need for your board.  You find some boards running UcLinux or
BusyBox depending on the OEM board vendor support options for Linux.

>  Do they have the ability to run perl, MySQL and GD ?

It depends on your toolchains for the embedded linux distribution you
are using.  If your using a distribution that uses glibc  then you can
run MySQL but due to limited memory and processor speed it is
unfeasible IMHO.  Have you looked at Sqlite for a SQL database engine?

>  Here is a sample of what I mean
>  http://tech-software.net/cdti.htm

That is interesting what kind of receiver are you using and how are
you connecting it to your computer?  I.E. USB RS-232 serial?

Mike Miller


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