[aprssig] [Fwd: [ui-view] What an Amazing Legacy!]

Earl Needham earl_needham at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 18:03:43 CST 2008

At 08:35 2/22/2008, Ronald Armstrong wrote:
>From: Hasan Schiers <schiers at netins.net>
>To: ui-view at yahoogroups.com
>I miss Roger. I miss both his humor and his skills.

         Yep, me too.  He was a great guy.

>What a legacy, indeed! How many years have gone by, and IMHO, 
>UI-View32 is still the pick of the litter? I sometimes wonder if 
>Roger had any idea just what he had done. I dearly hope so.
>Suffice it to say, I really miss Roger....and please forgive my 

         Nothing to forgive -- I think of him often as well.  And I 
still use UI-View32 almost 100% of the time that I'm using some form of APRS.

         7 3

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