[aprssig] APRS value at events

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 28 11:21:05 CST 2008

Continuing with my attempts to get APRS back on track as not
just a vehicle maping system, I just updated this paragraph on
my web page.  I thought it might give a slightly different view:

New paragraph:

The photo ... shows a typical APRS set up in the field at an
event.  This station can be used to not only show other
personnel at the checkpoint the tactical situation, but it keeps
the APRS operator at this site informed... 
It does this while not requiring his immediate and constant
attention except when he needs access to the info.  His laptop
has been doing the radio monitoring "for him" so that he does
not need to keep his ear tuned to the constant chatter on the
voice channel.  And if he needs info, he does not need to
request it from the voice net, but can just view it on his APRS
displays when "he" needs it.


In otherwords, not just the location of vehicles, but all
announcements, bulletins, messages, status, lists of info,
locations of assets and personnel and objects... References,
phone numbers, links, whatever...  If it has anything to do with
the event, it should be on APRS...

Something like that..
Bob, WB4aPR

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