[aprssig] APRS Weather hops and rates

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 29 16:26:42 CST 2008

>> "Generally WX stations should transmit once every
> > 10 minutes in the local area only.... either direct 
> > or at most one hop.
> > 
> I... can see from 40-80 miles West and Southwest..

Good info.  How many hops do those packets take?  In most areas
of the country, 40 to 80 miles is routine with one hop... And a
good home antenna (at least here in Maryland...

Agree, smart beaconing should apply to WX to.  I should have
included that in my paragraph.  The original APRS did that.  WX
beacons were decayed just like all other packets.  Changed
weather was beaconed immediately.  Unchanged weather doubled
between each following transmission.  (Wind direction changes
would not trigger a new start to high rate if the wind speed was

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