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Actually don't they want it faster during severe weather, was it not every 5

I remember some talk about that due to some hurricane history we have had.
In the case of Andrew they found that MANY weather stations with frequent
updates was necessary and something they did not have. In Andrew's case
which was very large they were not 100% sure exactly where ground zero was
or exactly what the strongest winds were.

I may be wrong here but I think Andrew was one of the catalysts to the COP
program. It came MUCH later with the advent of affordable weather stations
and the APRS-IS but they did know that they needed something to help
forecasting storms such as this long before Bob, Steve and the others made
it possible.


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APRS WX Station routine Objectives --

At least once every 15 minutes:
-- Have WX data seen on RF from "downwind" (where WX conditions are headed)
-- Have WX data seen on RF at closest NWS Forecast Office
-- Have WX data seen on internet (once every 15 minutes is frequently enough
for NOAA number-crunching too)

Anything else?
73, Cap


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