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[aprssig] getting gcc onto a computer

Len N9IJ n9ij at comcast.net
Thu Jan 24 16:59:34 UTC 2008

I, too, have a MacBook with VMWare Fusion and Windows XP installed so I 
can use some of my Windows-only applications. Question me this.... in 
order to use a USB<>Serial adaptor do I need to install BOTH Mac and 
Windows drivers? I am getting conflicting information both within and 
outside of VMWare.

Dennis Hudson wrote:
> Congratulations, I think you'll love your new Macbook. I have 3! I have 
> found "Spaces"(like linux' workspaces) and VMWare to be a great way to 
> get all my favorite(and not so favorite MS) flavors of OSes and apps 
> running on one hardware platform. There is even a xastir/ VMWare already 
> installed and compiled with it's own OS on Xastir's site.
> There is something to be said for compiling your own software. Soon 
> after OSX came out I was running Xastir natively under X11 with Curt's 
> help. On your OSX install discs are the Xcode Development tools you need 
> to compile your own software. If you look under "optional installs" you 
> should find the packages you need.
> -- 
> Dennis Hudson, N2LBT
> http://aprsaly.n2lbt.com:14501
> http://www.neaprs.org
> Albany, NY
> On Jan 24, 2008, at 08:39 AM, Andrew Rich wrote:
>> Just took the plunge into a macbook
>> I am going well so far, I just need to know how to get gcc onto the 
>> beast.
>> So I can start compiling xastir predict and gpredict
>> Ideas ?
>> I went to heaps of sites that talk about gcc
>> But it does not seem as clear cut ...
>> Andrew VK4TEC
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Len Revelle N9IJ

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