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[aprssig] Tracker2 scripting language

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Jun 2 01:39:44 UTC 2008

The newest version of the otwincfg program for the Tracker2 includes a 
script editor function.  Script support has (mostly) been there for a 
while, I just hadn't had a chance to write a facility to create and edit 
the scripts.

I'll write up some documentation on it soon.  More features (like 
coordinate comparisons) are coming soon, but for now I think it's 
already powerful enough to take the place of an external controller for 
a typical balloon payload, including camera timers, cut-down control, 
ballast dropping, and so forth.

It'll also allow you to do things like specify an arbitrary number of 
extra bulletins, up to the amount of code space available.  Here's an 
example, a little more complicated than it needs to be:


This cycles between two bulletins every 5 minutes.  It also adds 
XTRABCON_ON and XTRABCON_OFF commands to control the beacons.  These 
macro commands can be access just like regular commands (i.e., through 
the serial console, a nuvi screen, or by remote message) and return 
status text through the same channel.

There's direct access to the hardware through PEEK/POKE commands.

There wasn't space on the Tracker2 to add a built-in editor, but the 
scripts CAN be updated remotely.  Clicking the 'Patch List' button 
generates a series of PATCH commands that can be issued to the T2 to 
write the compiled script code.

If this works out, I'm tempted to just ditch the dual-profile system 
entirely - that might even free up enough space for a script editor.

I'm calling it quits for today, though.  I'm getting too old for these 
all-weekend coding binges.


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