[aprssig] qA? Questions

Patrick Domack patrickdk at patrickdk.com
Sun Jun 1 21:37:02 CDT 2008

First the questions, then the why I ask.

I have noticed on my igate (aprsd), the packets it gates used to  
always be qAR, but lately it's changed to sometimes qAO or qAo. (I  
have also noticed my aprspoint is getting qAX, but this must be a  
different issue)

I have read up on the q-codes and what they mean, but it doesn't  
really explain the difference between the qAR vs qAO, other than qAR  
is for a special igate port usage, and that doesn't make much sense to  

I personally like to setup filter rules, or just connect to an aprs-is  
server port with defaults filter rules setup for the application.  
Generally to pass up local traffic, and download messages to see if  
any are for local or of local interrest.

But I've read over and over and can't figure out what q-code I should  
want my igate to get, or what would be a properly configured igate  

I see igates getting mainly qAO, qAo, and qAC currently, and a few get  
qAR and qAX (I think it's just evil people would setup an igate and  
not login)


I have been work on the aprsd code and wanted it to cause less qrm for  
gating packets from aprs-is to rf, so I coded in some return-path code  
that it would use to limit the number of digi's access when sending  

The issue with this is, the code has been dead for the last 5years or  
so, and has quiet a few bugs and memory issues.

2.2.6-4 segfaults when it forks the tnc thread

2.2.5-15 just randomly segfaults after a few hours of operation

2.2.5-7-patched seems to be running pretty stable for me, but it still  
has issues

Based on the issues, and the amount of work to track down issues  
(there isn't much consistancy) I think I am just going design a new  
program and start working on bringing it up.

If anyone has suggestions for me, or general comments, I'm open. Best  
now to ask before it's created and starts getting inflexable :)

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