[aprssig] AX25 Protocol group (Jack Chomley

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jun 2 15:14:39 CDT 2008

Hi Jack,
                I think you should re read what I sent, 

It appears that Barry  VK2AAB who is a WIA Federal Councillor for the VK2
may know more about this . I have asked him for more information.

From what I can gather from his message is, that this appears to be a for
gone conclusion 
and that these changes are going to happen some time .

This will impact on every application that uses the ax25 protocol  if I am

Does this impact on the APRS spec and those that produce
firmware for trackers etc.

Remembering that there are over 5000 Kenwood D7 series 
aprs capable radios that probably can't be upgraded

UI-View will not be able to be upgraded

Every TNC will need to be upgraded .

I hope someone can answer this 

73 Phillip

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From: Jack Chomley <radio at irock.com.au>
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Why not just put the extended call in Beacon text?
At 08:26 AM 2/06/2008, you wrote:
>       I have heard that the above group may be looking at altering the
>callsign fields to allow for extended callsigns
>Eg WB6XXX/VK9   or VK9XXX/WB6
>If this happens then all ax25 firmware / software will have to be
>   What a job
>Has anyone else heard this ???
> From : VK2AAB
>To : PACKET at WW
>Type/status : B$
>Date/time : 29-Apr 20:27
>BID (MID) : 1968_VK2AAB
>Message # : 373091
>Title : Re:Time to switch off AX25
>To : PACKET at WW
>Ray might be interested to know that the ax25 protocol group will be making
>changes for variable length callsign fields.
>It is not just a problem for Australianxxx calls.
>There are other special needs such as portable operation VK2AAB/ZL2 etc.
>They are working this year on other changes but it is definately in their
>todo list.
>I did not know that Roger had requested the source code be destroyed.
>Thats a shame, from memory I think someone volunteered to him to take it
>73 Barry VK2AAB
>73 Phillip
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