[aprssig] AX25 Protocol group (Jack Chomley

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Jun 2 16:18:58 CDT 2008

Scott Miller wrote:
> It'll only affect AX.25 applications if anyone elects to use the new 
> protocol.  If the extension is not being done in a manner that's 
> backwards-compatible... well, good luck with that!  It's not like 
> someone can throw a switch and turn off AX.25 2.2, and unless there's a 
> compelling reason to switch for a large portion of the user population, 
> no one's going to bother.
> Is the working group even a going concern these days?  Or has it been 
> reconstituted?  Last time I tried to get a PID assigned NO ONE seemed to 
> be answering the mail there.
> Scott
> N1VG

But what happens if some over-eager early adopter of long-field 
callsigns (AX25 V3.0 ???) starts gating this stuff into the APRS IS. 

Will the IS server software accept it?  (As it accepts "bogus" SSIDs 
above -15 now).   Or will it choke? Or just ignore it?

Further, assuming the IS accepts them and passes them forward,  what 
happens when "AX25 V3.0" packets reach end-user client software logged 
into the IS. Will clients ignore them  or lockup in a cloud of buffer 
overruns, parser errors, etc?   Not to mention reverse-igating messages 
to current AX25 2.2 users on RF.


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