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[aprssig] Leaving the email listserv

Patrick Domack patrickdk at patrickdk.com
Tue Jun 3 00:00:45 UTC 2008

Thanks for the warm reception I have gotten here, I will be leaving  
due to the fact people are unable to verify I am a ham radio licence  

I find it strange that in order to join, you must prove your callsign.

And the only way to verify someone on the fcc website is via name,  
callsign, address, and frn, and all is freely available.

Due to the fact I am unable to verify I am in fact:
Danatone Swett
17820 Thornberry Road
Hagerstown MD, 21740

K3PDK (previously KB3INP)

I find being acused of not having a callsign, and being asked to ceace  
and desist not to be in good amature taste at all.

If someone doesn't have a valid licence effor should be made to  
correct this. If they are unwilling, report should be made to the fcc.  
Any other action would be useless and just makes valid people upset  
and angry.

Sorry I join and asked my question here.

I have enjoyed the 3 aprs stations I have run over the last several  
years, but the 2 new ones I have planned, I am not sure what will  
become of them.


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