[aprssig] Leaving the email listserv

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Tue Jun 3 08:19:03 CDT 2008

Keith VE7GDH wrote:
> Stan WA1LOU wrote...
>> There is absolutely no requirement that anyone have a ham license to 
>> be part of this SIG or any other SIG that TAPR sponsors. If someone 
>> was hassling you about a license requirement, they were way out of 
>> line and misinformed about this SIG's requirements.
> Strange... I didn't see any sign of anyone hassling Patrick on this 
> list. Surely he isn't referring to the comment by Pete AE5PL about "qAX 
> indicates that your APRSPoint is not registered and therefore cannot be 
> used as an IGate." Naahhhh...

   If my experience is anything like the OP's, I'm not surprised.  I 
tend not to sign with my callsign, since I'm on dozens of lists, only a 
few of which are amateur-radio related.  Whenever I forget, it's 
practically guaranteed that *someone* will email me a belligerent note 
along the lines of "Hey good buddy... you can't transmit/use APRS/etc. 
without a license", and demanding my callsign.  Happens almost every 
time.  I even had one piece of work who insisted that it was against FCC 
regulations to post notes on amateur radio lists without properly 
identifying myself.  I tell ya, the world is full of them...

- Rich

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