[aprssig] Leaving the email listserv

K7FTP k7ftp at commtechreview.net
Tue Jun 3 08:38:01 CDT 2008

Now, I hate to bring it up, but this thread has been going on longer than 10 
minutes and I haven't seen a callsign yet.  You know how the FCC feels about 

Sorry, I couldn't resist.  73!

>   If my experience is anything like the OP's, I'm not surprised.  I
> tend not to sign with my callsign, since I'm on dozens of lists, only a
> few of which are amateur-radio related.  Whenever I forget, it's
> practically guaranteed that *someone* will email me a belligerent note
> along the lines of "Hey good buddy... you can't transmit/use APRS/etc.
> without a license", and demanding my callsign.  Happens almost every
> time.  I even had one piece of work who insisted that it was against FCC
> regulations to post notes on amateur radio lists without properly
> identifying myself.  I tell ya, the world is full of them...

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