[aprssig] Scripting on the T2

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Jun 3 13:00:52 CDT 2008

I just remembered that AJ Farmer asked about doing this two years ago, 
but it was only this past weekend that I finally got around to 
implementing it.

He wanted to set up his D700 in crossband repeater mode, and have the 
tracker take it out of crossband mode every 10 minutes to transmit a CW 
ID on the UHF channel, then return to normal operation.

It's not even specifically an APRS function, but it's easy to do with 
the Tracker2 now.  It can send arbitrary strings to either serial port, 
so it's easy to script command sequences to drive another device (like 
the D700 or D710.)

This weekend I plan to add geographic comparisons to the language, so 
you can determine if you're inside or outside of a given rectangle.  I 
get a lot of requests for that - mostly automated balloon cut-downs, or 
people wanting to turn on the tracker when their boat leaves the dock. 
I just haven't had a flexible enough mechanism to deal with it before.

It'll be interesting to see what applications people can come up with, 
given an APRS device that has a reasonable degree of high-level 


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