[aprssig] FW: Growth of Ham radio and APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 4 12:29:07 CDT 2008

> As for running out of calls, the US started 
> re-issuing them a long time ago... check out 
> the numbers in Japan:

> If the US plot looks anything like this, I think 
> callsigns are the least of our problems.

For grins, I took that chart and added the USA and APRS GLOBAL
statistics on it.  And you can see why APRS is still such a tiny
niche, that unless we start getting others involved, we still
are only a side show..


Besides getting more radios and devices and more INFORMATION of
value to the local mobile on the air, getting APRS used at all
local events even by Touchtone users is a step in the right
direction.  Please see the APRS Touch-Tone spec:


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