[aprssig] KPC-3+ with a Delta?

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Wed Jun 4 18:32:58 CDT 2008

At 07:41 AM 6/3/2008, Mark Cheavens wrote:
>I have built MANY Digi's out of Delta S and SX's (No plain Delta's).
>On the S and SX you need to watch out for the following:
>1. How are you getting your RX audio? If you are using Vol/SQ high
>you MUST install a de-emphasis (R-C) if you want good decode performance.
>2. Make sure when you set the transmit deviation that you do not get
>into the limiter/clipper.
>          - There is no "mic gain" in the radio's, but there is a
>deviation level and a deviation limiter.

         This has been a working installation for quite some time, 
but I didn't think to write down the XMITLVL setting.  A couple of 
days ago, I forgot and cranked the Kenworth with it all turned on, 
and the TNC forgot who it was, where it was, and quite possibly WHY it was...

         I'm home overnight only just now, so I'll raise it from 170 
to 220 or so and see how that works.  170 is a little light, and some 
digis don't reliably repeat my packets at that level.

         Receive is working great, as is the antique GBR-21 DGPS 
receiver that was manufactured back when you could still buy a 
brand-new Kenwood 520!  <G>

         7 3

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