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g0jxn.jim g0jxn.jim at ntlworld.com
Fri Jun 6 01:34:00 CDT 2008

Hi Guys

Dave I take your point. On the 2nd June 2008 we were all set to run on 14.103 LSB/KAM but at the last minute, following comments in this and other groups, in haste I made the decision to move to 14.100,200.

We have now decided to go back to square one and as of now the Net is on 14.103 LSB/KAM (14.103,510 LSB/PK232). This will put the higher tone/lower sideband frequency 200 Hz above the edge of the Beacon segment. It is of course the responsibility of operators to ensure that their station is on the correct frequency and does not drift.

I'm sure this will not satisfy everyone but there you go.

If anyone wishes to keep up with the progress on the Net email me to get on the mailing list or check my web site www.bandscommunications.co.uk under the "aprs hf net" tab.

Bets wishes


Jim, G0JXN
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