[aprssig] Time to UPGRADE obsolete DIGIS!

Jan T. Pharo la2bba at jpharo.net
Sat Jun 7 15:38:31 CDT 2008

Michael Conrad <do5mc at friggleware.de>, Fri, 06 Jun 2008 22:23:04 +0200

>The biggest difference (I found) is the use of RELAY and TRACEn-n instead of using WIDEn-n only,
>but I'am unable to see any adavantage in using RELAY/TRACEn-n. WIDE1-1/WIDEn-n is much simpler
>for users and for sysops (and for software developers ;-).

Michael and Gerhard,
The original posting from Heikki didn't mention anything about which
setup was better or worse, it merely brought the statistics.
Bob WB4APR commented that (as far as I could understand) as if it were
statistics for the region which is supposed to use "the new Wide n-N
Paradigm". But, it wasn't.

And I still say I am all for standardization, and that it has been
taken an initiative from Denmark. I haven't said I agree more with the
danish way, nor with the US way.

Yes, I have read a short version of the danish setup (and living close
to Denmark and traveling there often, I even have had to switch setup
at various borders). As most europeans can drive across several
national borders within few hours whithout having to stop for any
controls, things are different from the US, but we have the trouble
with changing our unproto paths every other hour. The north americans
can do that change (if necessary) while they are waiting for passport
control at the borders, and the distance between the Mexico/US border
to the US/Canada border is long.

No, I haven't read the german aprs page and the discussion there.
And I will certainly set up our club digi in the way the region 1 will
recommend it's to be done. I have been telling evereybody who wants or
doesn't want to listen that this should be looked into by the IARU
region(s) rather than everybody making her or his own system along
with some friends.

Personally, I think that for UITRACE, one should be using the "TRACE"
word, as it's an obvious connection between the meaning of the word
and the way it's supposed to be used.
Whether Fill-Ins should use T1-1 or RELAY or even W1-1, I don't really
care, as long as they all use _one_ method. But I understand that some
hardware (KPS3, is it?) isn't handling RELAY quite well. If the
fill-in digi can replace TRACE1-1, RELAY or WIDE1-1 with its call,
it's traceable. And as I said, the word "trace" says what it's
supposed to be. And, I will be using the IARU region recommendations
when they're published, whether they look like today's danish model,
Andy's UK model ("EU Nirvana") or (Bob's?) US model.

73 de Jan, LA2BBA
Hvaler, Norway

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