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[aprssig] Time to UPGRADE obsolete DIGIS!

John Ronan jronan at tssg.org
Sat Jun 7 21:04:38 UTC 2008

On 7 Jun 2008, at 21:38, Jan T. Pharo wrote:

> Michael Conrad <do5mc at friggleware.de>, Fri, 06 Jun 2008 22:23:04 +0200
>> The biggest difference (I found) is the use of RELAY and TRACEn-n  
>> instead of using WIDEn-n only,
>> but I'am unable to see any adavantage in using RELAY/TRACEn-n.  
>> WIDE1-1/WIDEn-n is much simpler
>> for users and for sysops (and for software developers ;-).
> No, I haven't read the german aprs page and the discussion there.
> And I will certainly set up our club digi in the way the region 1 will
> recommend it's to be done. I have been telling evereybody who wants or
> doesn't want to listen that this should be looked into by the IARU
> region(s) rather than everybody making her or his own system along
> with some friends.
Agreed, however there needs to be a debate about it, and I don't hear/ 
see one.
> Personally, I think that for UITRACE, one should be using the "TRACE"
> word, as it's an obvious connection between the meaning of the word
> and the way it's supposed to be used.
I disagree, it only make sense to someone who has been around packet/ 
aprs a long time, most, at least initially, don't care, they just  
want their packets to make it through the digi.

> Whether Fill-Ins should use T1-1 or RELAY or even W1-1, I don't really
> care, as long as they all use _one_ method. But I understand that some
> hardware (KPS3, is it?) isn't handling RELAY quite well. If the
> fill-in digi can replace TRACE1-1, RELAY or WIDE1-1 with its call,
> it's traceable. And as I said, the word "trace" says what it's
> supposed to be. And, I will be using the IARU region recommendations
> when they're published, whether they look like today's danish model,
> Andy's UK model ("EU Nirvana") or (Bob's?) US model.

Actually, here in Ireland, (as we're late to the APRS party) we only  
have one 'fill-in' that is going away soon, so we will probably stop  
using WIDE1-1, WIDE2-2, and just use plain old WIDE3-3 (fully  
traceable of course).  Anyone who turns up using WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 will  
still work fine.

Where is the debate?


John Ronan <jronan at tssg.org>, +353-51-302938
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