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[aprssig] Time to UPGRADE obsolete DIGIS!

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Jun 7 21:51:48 UTC 2008

> Yes, I have read a short version of the danish setup (and living close
> to Denmark and traveling there often, I even have had to switch setup
> at various borders). As most europeans can drive across several
> national borders within few hours whithout having to stop for any
> controls, things are different from the US, but we have the trouble
> with changing our unproto paths every other hour. The north americans

Well, something I just added to the Tracker2 might conceivably help with 
that - it's certainly not a fix for the underlying problem, but it might 
be more convenient than changing settings manually.

The T2's scripting language now has an If In Area command that'll tell 
you if your position is within a given area defined by a pair of corner 

You could set up a series of area tests tied to PATH commands to 
automatically reconfigure for each area.  Here's an example using a 
'home' and 'away' path:

On Startup
   Exec "PATH WIDE2-2"
End Block
On GPS Fix
   If In Area (35.00000,-121.00000)(34.00000,-120.00000)
     If Flags xxxxxxx1
       Exec "PATH WIDE2-1"
       Clear Flags 00000001
     End Block
     If Flags xxxxxxx0
       Exec "PATH WIDE2-2"
       Set Flags 00000001
     End Block
   End Block
End Block

The flags are used to keep track of which area it's already in - 
otherwise it'd keep executing PATH commands with every GPS fix, which 
would be hard on the flash memory and also dumps some buffers.  I'm 
working on a more elegant 'Do Once' sort of mechanism to simplify that. 
  I'll also add a profile switch command, so you can load a whole set of 
alternate parameters without modifying the saved configuration at all.

The area command can of course be used to do a bunch of other stuff, 
like fire a balloon cutdown when the balloon leaves a defined area.


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