[aprssig] Simplifying Europe to traceable WIDEn-N

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 8 11:38:27 CDT 2008

The arguments for Traceable WIDEn-N everywhere are overwhelming:

1) Eliminates obsolete paths of RELAY,WIDE,TRACE and TRACEn-N
2) Simplifies APRS to only one path: WIDEN-N
3) Eliminates inefficient legacy digipeating methods
4) Is fully backwards compatible during transition
5) Simplifies education of users
6) Simplifies network management
7) Enforces traceability throughout network
8) Replaces simple RELAY with simple WIDE1-1
9) Replaces RELAY,TRACEn-N seamlessly and instantly
A) Solidifies the global APRS network
B) Allows SSn-N and and SSSn-N regional dedicated nets


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