[aprssig] Simplifying Europe to traceable WIDEn-N

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Sun Jun 8 13:56:05 CDT 2008

Jan T. Pharo skrev:
> "Bob Bruninga " <bruninga at usna.edu>, Sun,  8 Jun 2008 12:38:27 -0400
> (EDT)
>> 2) Simplifies APRS to only one path: WIDEN-N
> and
>> 7) Enforces traceability throughout network
> So, why is it that TRACE(with n-N) is such a bad word to use as a
> _trace_able parameter?

I think it's pure logic.

If there are 1000 users and 100 of them use TRACEn-N and in the same 
network are 300 digipeaters just to put some numbers in the "logic" then 
it's easyer for the 300digis to replace the TRACE word with WIDE instead 
of telling 900 users to change from WIDEn-N to TRACEn-N

Another "side effect" is that we have ONE word to keep track on so that 
users don't get confused.

And if this http://f5vag.eu/php/trace_wide.php is correct then it's 
easyer to get the 12000 users to change to WIDEn-N rather than get the 
28000 WIDEn-N users to change.

How many digipeaters are there in europe?

And the way i read Bob's european recomandation he actualy says that 
it's easier and faster to get europe to use WIDEn-N rather than TRACEn-N.

There are also some logic errors in the IARU proposal as they have only 
replaced "every" WIDE word with TRACE.

NRRL has also sendt an proposal and this complies with Bob's "EU" 

But if we put politics and my system is better than your system to 
side... we can se that we all want the same system. and then again it's 
easyer for a smal numbers of digipeaters to change the setup rather than 
90% of the world and as this also gives one global setup this should be 
the main reason for changing.

I really dont care if red is green and trace is wide as long as this is 
the simplest solution for everyone (exept sysops) to get started with 
one standard setup.

Kai Gunter

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