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[aprssig] Simplifying Europe to traceable WIDEn-N

Dr.Oliver Raabe aprs at aprs-karlsruhe.de
Mon Jun 9 00:32:11 UTC 2008

Kai Gunter Brandt wrote:
>Yes the net should be analyzed before the proposals and get some 
>experience from other countries etc.

We started to change the system to the original NEWn-N (WIDEn-N) in DL and
HB9 one year ago (now there are about 60 percent of all digis in DL within
the worldwide standard). 


Today APRS in DL is (mostly) working as it was originally intended by Bob.
It is a local tactical information system again. Using WIDEn-N as the only
"Keyword", user education is really an ease.

In the last years the oz-paradigm (using TRACE - traceable paths) was one
step ahead in relation to the rest of Europe. But today this initiative
(because of the implementation of original NEWn-N in more and more parts of
Europe) might change the European situation in the wrong manner.

Although I'm not in favor with an "official" regulation of aprs-standards
(because self regulation in the current manner might be better for future
innovation processes) it would be best "officially" getting rid of RELAY and
TRACE in Europe too. We are living in one world, there is no need (and no
real argument) for spitted standards.

Hopefully all IARU-Region-1 members will take this in account.

Oliver Raabe (DL1LJ)


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