[aprssig] New Open Source APRS Client Project

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 8 20:00:38 CDT 2008

Jason Rausch wrote:
> - Basic mapping (I need help with this!)

I'd really like it if the system was able to use the maps from DOS APRS:

1. I have several customized maps for the local area (routes for public 
service events such as bike routes and such).

2. Building and modifying your own maps is fairly easy using the utility 
that came with DOS APRS.

3. I often find a "schematic" map more useful for public service events. 
  Often all I really need to display is where everyone is relative to 
the course or operating area.  Full up maps such as Street Atlas and Map 
Point are worse than useless for this as they have display too much 
detail and the important stuff gets lost in the clutter.  They're great 
if you,re using them for navigation in and unfamiliar area, but for 
basic display of tactical information? Not so much.

I would also hope you would implement Dead Reckoning as done in DOS 
APRS. I've found it very useful on several occasions when the location 
objects (biker riders) without trackers are being reported by the voice 
network.  I'm able to give a heads up to the next station on the route 
when to expect activity to hit his location.

I'm no programmer, but I'll try to download and look at what you have now.

Randy Allen, KAƘAZS

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