[aprssig] OT: RE: Time to UPGRADE obsolete DIGIS!

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Jun 9 06:36:45 CDT 2008

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> Absolutely correct re the TNC220, they're not a TNC2 clone 
> but they make a useful paperweight.

Or a useful fill in digi, in our case "RELAY".  It has a fairly good
anti dupe system, based on time & originating call, all that is fully
configurable, hence the ping-pong problem is not seen here at least.
(it is a problem elsewhere in the UK though from personal experience and
frustration when travelling with a D7)

They also make good dedicated point<>point conventional packet links of

I've had several TNC's pass through my hands over the years, and perhaps
I should have hung on to some of the more common ones.  But the signal
recovery performance of the 220 with the AMD modem chip, always seems to
be so much better than others of it's ilk in the face of QRM.


Dave G0WBX.
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