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[aprssig] Time to UPGRADE obsolete DIGIS!

Jan T. Pharo la2bba at jpharo.net
Mon Jun 9 17:55:55 UTC 2008

Gerhard <f5vag.eu at gmail.com>, Mon, 9 Jun 2008 12:07:45 +0200

>That will probably take some time. I've put the countries I'm aware
>of using WIDEn-N on a map of Europe:
>Proposals for corrections and additions are welcome.

They come a few lines further below.

Even if I think that one Worldwide system is the best, I have
objections to the way standards are launched (i.e. by some
individuals, or groups of individuals, rather than in the national or
regional associations after suggestions from members). We hams have
our IARU which should be the coordinating folks of such things. In
many (most, I'd hope) of the national ham radio associations, the IARU
region representatives are elected by the national boards, which are
elected by the members, and thus are the members' representatives.

However, and to the map on your page, Gerhard:
No, the green dot on Norway isn't true.
Some use the WB4APR paradigm, some use R,T or R,Tn-N

73 de Jan, LA2BBA
Hvaler, Norway

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