[aprssig] New Open Source APRS Client Project

Kurt Freiberger kurt at badgers-hill.net
Mon Jun 9 20:28:51 CDT 2008

So then, join the Project, then fork it onto RealBasic.  This, rather than
heaping the traditional scorn on someone who dares to promote heresy.


On 6/9/08 5:52 PM, "Brian B. Riley" <brianbr at mac.com> wrote:

> So ... right off  the bat you not only use an unsupported MS product
> that will require a change sooner rather than later, but you have
> excluded the entire Mac and Linux community. Hideous as the various
> 'visual basic' flavors are, you could have at least used Real Basic,
> which is quite close to VB, and, more importantly, is cross-platform.
> On Jun 8, 2008, at 8:03 PM, Jason Rausch wrote:
>>  The entire program
>> is written in Visual Basic 6.
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