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[aprssig] New Open Source APRS Client Project

Corey Shields cshields at indiana.edu
Tue Jun 10 18:43:06 UTC 2008

Gregg Wonderly wrote:
> I am still really amazed at the lack of use of Java in amatuer radio 
> applications.  The portability across OSes really does work.  The Netbeans or 
> Eclipse IDEs are free as is the right to distribute your software in whatever 
> way you want.  The Sun JDK is now open source as of JDK6, and JDK7 is under 
> development now.
> It really is easy to write software in Java, and the portability is really what 
> we should be most interested in.  The GUI design tools in Netbeans let you do 
> form based design quite easily, if you like that kind of thing.

If someone were to start one using Java, the OpenMap framework[1] is 
free to build such an app on.  This framework supports most map types 
available today and isn't too difficult to build on top of  (I suck at 
programming, and I wrote an app using OpenMap about 5 years back..  if I 
can do it, anyone can).  Using this, a basic APRS app shouldn't be too 

As for Jason, kudos to you for working on more applications and opening 
them up for others to use and build on.  It is too bad that people like 
Brian have to be so critical of your efforts..  Too much of that crap on 
this list makes me think the APRS projects I'm working on currently 
should be kept private.

-Corey  KB9JHU

[1] - http://openmap.bbn.com/

Corey Shields
High Performance Systems, Indiana University - UITS

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