[aprssig] Public Service using APRS Event MD & PA

Arnie Shore 3ashore at Comcast.net
Wed Jun 11 05:59:09 CDT 2008

John, yes.  It's a web application, and requires an Internet 
connection.  We use that for the GMaps-based mapping capabilities, which 
includes geo-location, driving directions (unit to incident), some 
lookup capabilities as well as Google-Earth (via KML files) 
integration.   It's built with PHP and MySQL, is OS-agnostic, and will 
work with any recent browser..

The EMT 'cards' files can be revised/removed if you have yr own 
favorites; it was prepared by our Bob Austin.

If you're interested in a download, the latest version (7 beta) is 
available in the files section of 
(The one at SourceForge is one version old, but it does have tutorials 
on server installation and a video of a simulated accident response.)

Arnie Shore


John Ronan wrote:
>> Come back with questions, etc.
>> Arnie Shore
> Morning,
> I was surprised to see all the 'medical' stuff in there, however I  
> take it that it is meant to be used by someone  at an 'Internet  
> Connected' Net Control station?
> Regards
> John
>> Annapolis, MD
>> ~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~_/)~~
>> Joseph M. Durnal wrote:
>>> A bicycle event will be held on July 25, 26, & 27, covering portions
>>> of Frederick and Carrol Counties in Maryland and Adams County in
>>> Pennsylvania.  ...

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