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Andy andy at rickham.net
Wed Jun 11 07:56:40 CDT 2008

>> It is also mildly disappointing that I won't be able
>> to play with this
>> app (my OSs are all OS X or Linux), but we are
>> blessed with Xastir,
>> where Windows has been lacking in a good APRS app.
>I am a daily XASTIR user because this is the case. 
>There is no decent UPDATEABLE Windows app left, that
>is why I am targeting Windows. UI-View is dead and so
>is Roger. The source code is gone, so it's time to
>move on.
Jason (et al),

So what's wrong with AGWTracker? 

It runs under Windows XP and Vista. Uses UI-View maps and (if you're on-line) Google Maps and Yahoo Maps and many others. Includes most of the features you'd expect of a modern APRS client. Is under continuous development (I guess when you say "no decent UPDATABLE Windows app left" you may not have heard of it of course)!

In my view it works much better than many of the other clients -- in particular by supporting the maps that are the only things we have outside the USA/Canada. Runs a treat with AGWDigi and, of course, AGWPE.

Just a thought.

Andy, G8TQH  
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