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[aprssig] aprssig Digest, Vol 48, Issue 11

Andy McMullin andy at rickham.net
Wed Jun 11 20:58:52 UTC 2008


I can see where the difference lies here. Unfortunately, outside the  
USA/Canada there are almost zero vector maps like the Tiger shapefile  
maps available for anybody. We have to plan and create ALL our maps in  
advance for all eventualities -- even for SAR (where my team still  
uses the paper things - no power require though). The big plus of  
AGWTracker is that -- with an internet connection -- you can use on- 
line maps and get something approaching the capability of zoomable and  
scalable vector maps like the Tiger set. Even off-line it does do more  
that UI-View -- and it is still under development if you want  
something specific!

My biggest disappointment with XASTIR (once I managed to compile it  
under OSX) was the mapping one. The vector World/Europe maps I've  
managed to find are terribly inaccurate. Instead I have to convert and  
then use my old UI-View ones -- and I've still not got them all  
working properly due to issues with the conversion and Image or  
Graphic Magick. In the end, my quick solution for the Mac was  
AGWTracker under Parallels.

However, I agree about a mapping suite that supports APRS -- but  
outside the USA I don't think such a thing will ever exist; you lot  
that side of the pond don't know just how lucky you are with your  
electronic maps!

Andy, G8TQH

On 11 Jun 2008, at 17:49, Tom Hayward wrote:

> I don't use UI-View because the maps require planning time. I need an
> APRS client for search and rescue. Maps need to be preloaded for most
> of the state. Tiger shapefile maps work great for this (in Xastir). I
> don't have internet at the trailhead, so Google maps are mostly
> useless (though great when we have service!). In this case, I need
> AGWTracker to do more offline than UI-View, not just support UI-View
> maps. What I really want is a mapping suite that supports APRS, not an
> APRS client that supports mapping. My dream client is DeLorme Topo
> with full APRS functionality built in. I wonder if it could be done
> with DLL hooks... (yes, I've tried dmapper, but it's incredibly sloppy
> design and too hard to use. Plus, IIRC it does not support messaging
> and generating objects)
> I've only played with AGWTracker for about 30 minutes, and something
> bothered me. A feature I knew I needed wasn't present, or not easy
> enough for my SAR commrades to find. I'll have to play with it again
> to remember what it was. Once I get Windows running in a virtual
> machine I'm definitely going to give it another shot and try to
> overcome my problem. I will credit AGWTracker as the best Windows APRS
> client I have ever used.
> Tom KD7LXL
>> So what's wrong with AGWTracker?
>> It runs under Windows XP and Vista. Uses UI-View maps and (if you're
>> on-line) Google Maps and Yahoo Maps and many others. Includes most  
>> of the
>> features you'd expect of a modern APRS client. Is under continuous
>> development (I guess when you say "no decent UPDATABLE Windows app  
>> left" you
>> may not have heard of it of course)!
>> In my view it works much better than many of the other clients -- in
>> particular by supporting the maps that are the only things we have  
>> outside
>> the USA/Canada. Runs a treat with AGWDigi and, of course, AGWPE.
>> Just a thought.
>> --
>> Regards
>> Andy, G8TQH
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