[aprssig] When Quoting from APRSSIG Digest.......

William N. Powell billpwl1 at verizon.net
Thu Jun 12 13:49:39 CDT 2008

When replying to a subject contained in the APRSSIG Digest, it would be
big help if could you please CHANGE the SUBJECT to the relevant topic
before sending.

I have to go back 2 days to find the original post, and that is quoted
from an unnamed source that I have to trace back even further if I was
interested in what the original question was about.

Bill   N3PZB

Andy wrote:
>>> It is also mildly disappointing that I won't be able
>>> to play with this
>>> app (my OSs are all OS X or Linux), but we are
>>> blessed with Xastir,
>>> where Windows has been lacking in a good APRS app.
>>I am a daily XASTIR user because this is the case.
>>There is no decent UPDATEABLE Windows app left, that
>>is why I am targeting Windows. UI-View is dead and so
>>is Roger. The source code is gone, so it's time to
>>move on.
> Jason (et al),
> So what's wrong with AGWTracker?
> It runs under Windows XP and Vista. Uses UI-View maps and (if you're
> on-line) Google Maps and Yahoo Maps and many others. Includes most of
> the features you'd expect of a modern APRS client. Is under continuous
> development (I guess when you say "no decent UPDATABLE Windows app left"
> you may not have heard of it of course)!
> In my view it works much better than many of the other clients -- in
> particular by supporting the maps that are the only things we have
> outside the USA/Canada. Runs a treat with AGWDigi and, of course, AGWPE.
> Just a thought.
> -- 
> Regards
> Andy, G8TQH 
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