[aprssig] APRS messaging abuse

Heikki Hannikainen hessu at hes.iki.fi
Wed Jun 18 04:35:38 CDT 2008


   Seems like APRS message spam is here. Someone is trying to advertise his 
web page by sending APRS messages to all active European APRS users - 
multiple messages for each user.

http://aprs.fi/?c=message&call=EB8CAZ&limit=50 - the guy sending messages
http://aprs.fi/?c=message&limit=&call=J47VAF - an unlucky recipient

The guy has sent 7122 packets on the APRS-IS over the last 48 hours.

Has this sort of abuse happened before, and how has it been handled?

   - Hessu, OH7LZB

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