[aprssig] Xastir's best kept secret

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Thu Jun 19 23:26:54 CDT 2008

I got andLinux xastir running within WinXP.  This may be old hat to
the xastir bunch, but I just found out about this.  Amazing what you learn
when you visit www.xastir.org .

A version of linux exists that is called andLinux .  It's core component
was compiled to run under windows and when you run linux app's they
communicate with xwindows via a TCP port which is created during
the andLinux install process.  The linux GUI windows actually use WinXP for
their desktop theme... they look just like a windows app, but they actually
communicate with linux via the aforementioned TCP port.

There is only one hitch in the installation.  The linux installer APT-GET
uses a list of repositories which have changed locations.  So you'll need to
edit the list of repositories before you can install xastir.  I'll include
the instructions below.

And now..... The complete idiot's guide to installing xastir so it runs on a
WinXP machine.

Download this file:

it's a self exe zip file, I unzipped into c:\ (it will create a directory
structure called andLinuxprebeta for you).

shell to CMD from windows and go to the above folder.

run the run_to_install.bat file.

ignore ALL errors (even the scary looking ones about missing keys), press
CONTINUE when windows gripes about a network card installation driver.

Once you are back at prompt, you'll need to type cd ..  to go back up one
tier to the andLinuxprebeta folder.

Run the startup.bat file.  Answer windows questions about unblocking a port
via the firewall.... three times.

Wait 60 seconds according to the directions.  I had to wait closer to 5
minutes.  Apparently it takes a while to run the first time. Be patient.
Get a cup of coffee.  You may notice a network icon near the windows clock
that shows a broken connection.  It will go away, so don't fool with it.

Once things settle down, you'll see a task bar at the top of your screen.
Dead center, you can't miss it.  Your coffee is probably much cooler than
when you started.


At this point, linux is actually running as a background app under windows.
Now we need to prepare to install xastir.


This is the part where you need to change the software repository locations
so you can install additional neat software.  Ubuntu changed their
repository directory structure and you will have to catch-up the new URLs in
a txt file.  Edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file.  andLinux comes with a
pretty easy to use editor called nano.

Run terminal shell from this new command bar. It's the chalk board looking
icon on the left end.
type nano /etc/apt/sources.list <enter>.  Use the arrow keys to navigate
over to the lines with URLs in them.  Look for the word edgy and replace it
with the word dapper.  Six times.  Save the file by pressing cntrl-x and
nano will ask if you want to save it.  Press Y and enter.  You should be
back at the "dos" prompt.

apt-get update <enter>

apt-get install xastir <enter>

xastir & <enter>   (yes, type the & too).

and you are done!  Xastir will open as a relatively small window.  Drag the
corners to make it larger.  You won't have any maps installed but you can
select the tigermap from the mapchooser.

Where there's silence, there is no Hope.
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