[aprssig] CQ Field Day!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jun 20 20:37:44 CDT 2008

> I just tried CQSRVR from my home station.
> Findu shows that my message got to the server, 
> but as of now, 8 min later, no reply on my 
> RF station (it is on the FINDU page).
> Or does the server only send the reply once 
> and maybe it got lost in a collision on RF?

Yes, to avoid QRM melt down.  Your station might get an ACK as
it retries, but the CQSRVR I think only tries to send to you

> FINDU Shows multiple messages "from" me to 
> other stations.  That's the CQSERVER sending my 
> message out to everyone that's signed in, correct?
> KA0AZS CQSRVR 06/21 01:05:19z CQ FD CQ FD Testing{1J}
> CQSRVR KA0AZS 06/21 01:05:19z 4 messages sent to FD
> KA0AZS LA3QMA 06/21 01:05:19z CQ FD Testing

Yes, notice how the multiple outgoing messages from the server
strip off the first CQ FD and so that is why you have to include
it twice so that it gets through.  Otherwise the recepients
receive messages witn no clue that they are CQ FD messages.   

Also these are not contacts, they are CQ's, and you can only
send one once every 30 minutes..  To have an exchange, you have
to then go one-on-one with each station you want to make contact
with.  You can do that all day long...

The CQSRVR dsitribution is just a way of finding out who is on
the air live, and letting others know you are there.
One-on-one APRS messaging is then the normal way to communicate.

I BEG everyone to keep RF WIDE2-2 paths to 2 or less.  TO go 3
or more hops, use specific DIGI paths.  APRS can be a hoot at FD
if you know who is out there!


> Robert Bruninga wrote:
> > CQ FD.  Log on now and try it.  I'm there now... 
> > Just send APRS message to CQSRVR.
> > First words are CQ FD CQ FD testing, etc...
> > Send one every half hour if you like...
> > Bob
> > 
> -- 
> Randy Allen, KAƘAZS

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