[aprssig] Price of New VX-8

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Wed Jun 25 03:28:44 CDT 2008

I haven't heard anything lately but I saw somewhere (eHam or 
something) that it would be 300-350.  The bluetooth module is already 
priced at 80 and the bluetooth headset is priced at 100 from what 
I've seen online.  Not sure how 'hard' these prices are, but it's 
what I've seen online.  The bluetooth module is only for bluetooth 
headsets, unfortunately not for GPS.  As it goes, I'd be more likely 
to want to own the speakermic with GPS, depending on how many 
hundreds it costs.  ICOM's isn't cheap for their DStar handheld..

Universal Radio says 'late July' is when they expect it.  I saw 
somewhere else that the Europeans will be waiting until October.

I check the FCC database constantly in hopes of finding the 
information.  At best I've seen the Bluetooth module and the new 
Bluetooth headset in there.

I hope someone else maybe can fill in the blanks if they have better 

--Droo, K1XVM

At 04:23 AM 6/25/2008, Matthew Stennett wrote:

>Anybody know how much this thing is expected to cost, and it's release date?
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