[aprssig] Question about APRS digi contacts through ISS on _ARRL_ FD

Wed Jun 25 07:54:17 CDT 2008

Good morning.

I have asked about this on the AMSAT-BB site, so my apologies for those
seeing it twice.  Unfortunately so far I have not received an answer, with
references, which does not confuse the rules for the ARRL and AMSAT FDs.

I got a question from the local FD group, which boils down to whether a
contact through the ISS digi counts as a contact through an "amateur radio
satellite" for the purpose of getting the 100 point satellite bonus?  The
ARRL FAQ includes the following:

If you complete at least one QSO via one of the amateur satellites, you earn
a 100-point bonus. The contact must be directly through the satellite
between the two earth bound amateur stations, not relayed through a system
that uses a satellite uplink system. The total bonus is 100 points - not 100
points for each satellite that you contact. A QSO with the ISS does not
qualify for the bonus since it is not an Earth-to-Earth contact.

This does not really address the question, since it talks about contacting
the space station directly.  However, the status of the ISS is odd and for
some purposes counts as a separate country.  And it can reasonable be
claimed that it is not an "amateur satellite" at all.  While I have answers,
none gives me a definite source on whether that does or does not matter.

My sincere thanks in advance for a clear answer with a solid _reference_ I
can pass on as to whether an APRS contact through the ISS digi counts for
the 100 point bonus.

I am talking with them about GO-32 which of course clearly does count, but
there is a distinct lack of interest in setting up for 9600 baud at this
late date.  And no, don't bother to tell me about how easy it is.  I know.  


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