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Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 26 00:53:33 CDT 2008

Steve,                Nice name, BTW.

1st  Pa-LEASE trim your post and change the Subj to your specific subject.

2nd   Not sure which practices you need brushing-up on, but I sorta' answer your question at bottom, I think.

   If someone has, or knows of, something like APRS Cliff Notes, please post the URL.  

It's kind of like this...  only tell me what I need to know and no more...yea, right!


    I'd also like such
a reference.  While Bob has much useful information on his APRS site,
specific items are sometimes hard to find.  (in all farness, it's not trivial to make such web pages user friendly)

  I also now, only need a brief reference
not the complete tutorial/background.  If it isn't enough, I can dig. 

   I have found that it is
also common (as Bob did below) for an
explanation to use some venacular (or possibly a parameter name from a
specific application) for one of the parameters instead of
the specific parameter name; e.g. "My Call" for "MYCALL" ( the common Packet
parameter)  or "My Callsign" (the D7/D700 Menu name).  Some of
these may be obvious, but to the non-Packeteer, some can be confusing.

  So...  I've decided to start something for myself and publish if I
get far enough to do so.  

For a start...

  I was just looking for how to send an Object and Googled an old
post of Bob's with step-by-step, which I partly edited so far. i.e.


1. Bring up the MENU for MYCALL.  Change the entry to the name of the object (though

    it must be only 6 bytes long (must meet the limits of a call).  

3. Send out your position a few times.  

4. If you want it at a different location, then bring up the POSIT MENU and enter the

    coordinates there.   BUT, turn GPS off (use PM) to use it, right?

5. Change your call back to your call and move on. (D700 PMs can be used for this & GPS OFF))

"MYCALL" a.k.a. MY CALLSIGN   D7 Menu 2-1   D700 Menu 3-1 

"POSIT"  a.k.a.     MY POSITION    D7 Menu 2-4   D700 Menu 3-4

       [[[  i'm also not sure about that 6 byte restriction.  Call+SSID can be >6]]
          other notes cut for brevity.

YOUR sort-of ANSWER:

 D700 APRS Menu Settings Menu 3-X  [my current, or sorta'
recommended, values shown after >>.  There may be various
reasons for other values.  Use good judgement, whatever that means

MOST important is PATH (for the new paradigm).

1  MY CALLSIGN = Your Call-SSID  >>K9DCI-9

2 GPS UNIT = As required [NOT USED, NMEA, NMEA96] >>NMEA

3 WAYPOINT = (I believe this enables uploading stations ONTO your GPS as waypoints) >>OFF

4 MY POITION = There are 5 sub entries.  Put what you want & "USE" one.  GPS input overrides this.


6 POSITION COMMENT = Pick as appropriate.  (CUSTOM is whatever you mean)>>In Service

7 POSITION LIMIT = Display/save beacons inside this radius >>50 mi

8 STATION ICON = Select best >>House (for testing right now)

9 STATUS TEXT = U define >>"Studying APRS operation"

A STATUS RATE = Add text every so many beacons >> 1/1   (1/4 or 1/5 more better)

B PACKET PATH >>WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1  (THE standard. Do not vary without flame suit)


D TX INTERVAL = Varries  >>30 min when fixed station. 
no less than 1 min moving except for special circumstances.


F BEEP = What U want >>MINE



I DATA BAND = Receiver/side used for APRS >>A

J PACKET SPEED >>1200 bps

K DIGIPEATER  = Needs it's own section.   >>OFF

L UIDIGI = Needs it's own section.  >>(Mine blank)

M AUTO MSG REPLY = If you want to auto reply to messages sent TO you. >>OFF

N REPLY MSG = What you want to send when replying with M turned ON. >>[Mine blank]

O BLN GROUP =   6 groups max.  4 char max each >> Mine blank 

P MSG GROUP = For receiving 'group' messages.  6 groups max.  9 char max each   

     >>ALL,QST,CQ,KWD,ID,*  (ID and * for my current testing)     

     The first 4 are pretty much standard.


73, Steve, K9DCI


From: Steve Nowak <s.f.nowak at cox.net>

Subject: Re: [aprssig] aprssig Digest, Vol 48, Issue 19

Date: Saturday, June 21, 2008, 7:20 AM

As someone who has played with APRS for a number of years, but
due to adeployment got rusty while the technology outpaced me, I'd like
to know if there is a "Cliff's Notes" FAQ of current recommended
practices.     [...snip...]

73,  Steve KE8YN

[...snip..snippitty snip snip...sha-rooo...]

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