[aprssig] TT4 or OT2 telemetry

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Fri Jun 27 13:39:57 CDT 2008

If you're using a Tracker2, you'd need to use the scripting language to put out a few BEACONs with the telemetry coefficients.


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I was wondering if there is a good discussion about transmitting the
  equations data so you get real units on FINDU or other servers?  In looking
  I find that functionality is built into Bob's APRSDos, and I came across a
  couple of old dedicated hardware units.  However, is there a general
  discussion of how to do this for something like a TT4 with other software?
  The conversion equations are no problem, just how to upload them.  I
  normally use UI-VIEW32 for over the air APRS.  
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