[aprssig] APRSD mangling Mic-E packets

Pentti Gronlund pentti.gronlund at tut.fi
Fri Jun 27 19:46:07 CDT 2008

Curt, WE7U writes:

> On Fri, 27 Jun 2008, David and Ann Fraser wrote:
> > There seems to be a problem with this happening here in New Zealand, and
> > I remembered discussion about the problem on this mailing list, but I
> > couldn't seem to find out what the outcome was in the list archives.
> > 
> > Is/was there a solution?
> Yes, there's a solution.  It involves tweaking one file and
> recompiling.  Someone submitted a patch to the aprsd Sourceforge bug
> tracker that solves the problem for Mic-E.  The patch allows the
> five unprintable characters that Mic-E uses to pass by ok on Linux
> AX.25 ports.

There seems to be too much work to get out of the 'someone' land
to get things done. Not 'an issue', but a real problem.

Co-working, you know, something your people over there were famous 
in the days bygone. APRS is international.

(No, I'm not the infamous 'someone', but I park next to him every
working day...)

And, how should one apply for an APRS designator like APNU**?
And to whom? My question was never answered...

Benjamin OH3BK

PS. Curt, this wasn't criticism to you, you do a tremendous job in
XASTIR, and technical input seems to be appreciated :) 
		Live Reports from the Taxman's Paradise!

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