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> Yeah, quite an eye-opener for me.  It would seem to me that this is an 
> untapped opportunity for the Ham community to freshen up our T-hunting 
>  and be ready for the day when these things become more than just a 
>  The trick is, how would you practice this legally?  We can't exactly 
> one of these in the woods somewhere without violating the law ourselves...
>  Greg  KO6TH
Oh, In Respect to G.Carlin - Someone spelt "Sirius" wrong. 
where was I? oh yeah - 
A Delphi Roady XM rcvr gets wiped from any µW oven, cooking, within 50' or 
PS> the internal FM  xmr goes nowhere near 94.3mhz, only the "Educational" 
spectrum(s).   ie  88.9Mhz-(Shameless Plug).

Glad to hear ISS is a SAT again
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