[aprssig] GPS Jamming On The Rise

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 29 15:16:58 CDT 2008

Boy!  A web search turns up some in the multi-watt range!!

RE: Fox hunting the jammers.  
Here's a good accounting of one such hunt with three jammers!  Amplified TV antennas on boats.


Need dimensions on that beam, eh?  I built an 11-element beam for 1296 not so long ago.  I used # 12 solid wire and a DIP IC plastic storage tube boom, and a "half-folded-dipole" driven element design seen on the web.  

If you're out in the woods, who'll know if you're honing your shills for the real thing.  Call your local FCC office and ask for advice.  I'm sure they'll accept all the expert help they can get when something real hits.

  Aren't there diff-GPS transmitters at some larger airports -- for testing yout fox hunting equipment?

> ... The Garmin III+ and Garmin V have a nice little birdie on 147.315MHz ... Ian N8IK

   Yup!  Also found the spur the same way in NW Chicago area.  Glad to hear it's well known.

> What about the idea of using the car radio [for a "fox"] tuned to the
> station that jammed the Garmin GPS V? ...
> Brian N2KGC

Yep.  also ok.  However, make sure your receiver won't respond to the lower harmonics.  Guess I'll look at my spec analyzer to see if it can see this stuff well enough.

73, Steve, K9DCI


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