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Good questions...

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> When you send a CQ with a "Group", this "sets up" the group, right?
> The first use of the group makes that group exist (for the 12 hours)?
> The group does not have to be set up by some prior system command by
> Pete, right?

You are correct.  CQSRVR is entirely "at the mercy" ;-) of the users.

> If so...  When/if the initial user (who set up the group) Does a
> U(nconnect) command, does that terminate the group, or does is still
> exist for the remainder of the 12 hours?

The group exists for as long as there are "member" stations.  So when the station that creates a group leaves (or is quiet for 12 hours), the group still remains until no one is part of that group.

It is sort of a neat way to call a long distance net, too.  If the "members" are quiet for 12 hours and do not unsubscribe, they will be automatically unsubscribed and the group will no longer exist (until the next time someone "joins" the group).

There were 16 stations at any one time subscribed to the FD group during the Field Day period.  A small but interesting demonstration of the concept.  Bob, thanks for promoting it over the weekend and thanks to all that experimented with it.  CQSRVR will continue to remain up for the foreseeable future.


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